Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas is upon us

Where has the time gone??  Just the other day I was getting ready for Mitchell's 3rd birthday party, then suddenly Branston turned 14 and now it is the middle of November!!  Time is just moving too fast.  SLOW DOWN!!

Anyway, I am taking part in the blogger secret santa gift thingy organised by Stiletto Mom.  I don't know if I really qualify to be a blogger, maybe a blogger's left toe, since I hardly ever post anything.  So now I am supposed to tell my secret Santa what kind of things I like.  Oy, this is soooo difficult, I really am useless at this kind of thing.  Let me start with what I don't like, though it may not be very useful.

  • Bath goodies eg bath salts, foams, oil etc.  It disagrees with me.  Though a nice smelling body lotion is ok.
  • Earrings and rings.  My ears get sore even with gold earrings and I only ever wear the rings my hubby gave me. 
  • I am not a floral or frilly kind of person.
  • Chocolates or sweets.  Well, I do like them but am on a major mission to lose weight right now.
  • Photo frames.  I like them, I just have too many waiting for photos right now.
  • Bracelets and necklaces.  Anything modernish.  I quite like costume jewellery but usually only wear it for special occasions, otherwise I forget to put it on.
  • But I do need a decent jewellery box/holder (not those figurines that go on the dressing table though) as mine is broken and in the cupboard which is probably why I never wear jewellery as it is a mission to get out.  I like those that hang inside the cupboard.
  • I like books.  I read a lot, but not as much as I used to as the family keeps me quite busy.  I like a good murder mystery or action book or a Jodi Picoult type of book.  I am busy reading the Game of Thrones series, that kind of fantasy story is also fun to read.  I read 50 Shades, was not particularly enthralled.
  • I scrapbook or should I say I used to, I haven't had time to do it in a while but really want to get back into it.
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which needs a cover but those are a bit on the pricy side!!  I'll have to hint to the hubby and kids to get me one for Christmas.  But any accessories will do.
  • Anything gimmicky but am not much of a cook so probably nothing for the kitchen.
  • Hmmm, running out of ideas here but I suppose I have done better than I thought I would.  I suppose my blog doesn't give too many clues, given that I am not very good at blogging these days.
  • Oh, maybe a good low kilojoule recipe book - but easy recipes, as I said I am not good in the kitchen.
Ok, that was that, hope it helped!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Ok, so I found the correct term I was trying to find in the last post and it means National Blog Posting Month.  Apparently that month is November and you are supposed to do 1 post a day for the entire month!  Clearly I suck at it! 

In other news, I am participating in a bloggers Secret Santa organised by Stiletto Mum so will be needing to do a post on my likes and dislikes.  I don't know why I do these things, maybe I just like getting and giving presents!  Oh my dear husband is going to complain......       Anyway, post to follow...

We are organising a Biggest Loser competition at work and I am SO entering!!  We get weighed in next week and have until 14 Feb to lose as much as possible.  The whole thing is for charity and each contestant has to find sponsors who will pay Rx per kg lost.  There are prizes for the most kg lost, most % BMI lost and most money raised.  Woohoo!!  Motivation!!  Hmmm, we still need to find some prizes for the winners but I am sure we will get there.  Anybody want to sponsor me or donate prizes??

PS:  Mitchell's latest: 'If you say so!' but said in such a cute way you just have to laugh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gotta blog

This stands as formal notification that I will be better at blogging from now on!!  Gotta Blog!!!!!!   A bit late for the post a day for November thingy that's going around NoBloPro  no, it's BloNoMo   no it's MoBloNoPro  whatever!  It means a blog post a day.  Since it's already the 6th I think I have failed on that one BUT let's see what we can do from here on out......

Watch this space......

Monday, July 16, 2012

The roof is up!!!!!!

Yay!!!! Victoria's roof is finally up!  I am really happy that we managed to pull this off. 

Just so you can see what made up the funds but keeping the donors anonymous.  The amount of R1100 above is what I transferred from my account.  This is donations received directly into my account or cash donations.  

I transferred R1000 to Victoria's account so that she could pay the builder and then I had a bank cheque made out for R3900 to Cashbuild to cover the cost of the materials.

I just want to say a HUUUUUGE big thank you to everyone that donated.  Victoria is over the moon.  She says yesterday when it started raining her son wanted to run and fetch buckets to put under the leaky spots but then he remembered there were none any more.  They are really happy.  I am waiting for some pictures.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is FREEZING cold in Cape Town right now.  Young mister Mitchell is sick at home and now Branston has a tummy bug too.  They are enjoying sitting and watching TV all day while I sit here and try and get some work done.  Lucky I can log in to work from home (or maybe not so lucky!). 

A looooot of rain is predicted for this weekend which is not good news for Victoria and her family.  We are getting closer now with the roof fund.  I think I will get her to organise the builder for the first sunny day we get next week, though it may mean time off work for her.   If we are still short by then I will make up the difference myself.  We are now at R3800.  I may be able to get the materials for slightly less money and then it is just the labour to cover.  I have had such a great response, I have such awesome friends!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Roof fund still short

Wowie!  I asked Victoria to get a quote on the materials required for the roof and the total came to R4165.  A bit more than I was expecting!  We have raised R3400 so far but still need to cover the labour and transport in addition to the above so that will be at least another R1500.  Keep those donations coming!!  Remember, however cold you are feeling at the moment, they are feeling 10x colder.

See here for original post and here for an update.

PS: Anybody got any contacts in the building industry that could help out here?  Would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victoria's Roof Fund

Victoria's roof fund is going great guns.   I asked Victoria if she could take some photos of the roof as it is now, expecting maybe a few pictures with the cellphone.  Instead she got a local photographer to come and take 4 pictures for R15.  He even printed them out with a pretty frame around them!  He only actually took 1 of the roof itself from the inside, which is the last picture you see above.    As you can see it is not in a very good state. 

The good news is that so far all you amazing people have helped me to raise R3 350 towards a new roof for the family.  We are very close to covering all the costs although a little more would help.  I sent out an email last week where I gave Friday (22/6) as the deadline for anyone else still wanting to contribute.  I am going to extend this until Monday as not much is likely to happen over the weekend. 

So if anyone else still wants to contribute please go to the top left of this blog, enter an amount and press Pay now.  As mentioned you will have to register on Payfast in order to pay.  If this is a problem just let me know and we can make another plan. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mishka, Mooshka.....

I think we have the theme for Mitchell's birthday party this year.  He is totally Mickey Mouse verskrik(nuts about it for non-SA folk).  From the minute he opens his eyes till he closes them again all he wants is to watch Mickey Mouse on Disney Junior.  His Oupa is visiting us for a while and he fetches him from school so as soon as they get home MM (funny, same as his initials!) has to get put on.  Well, if he wants any peace he will put it on, this child is determined!  I know we are guilty of letting him get his own way far too much and he is watching faaaar too much TV but this child is really persistent and sometimes if we want to get anything done around the house ie start supper, Branston's homework etc then MM it has to be!!  Lucky we have PVR so we can record a few episodes just in case it is not on at the right time.  But no, this week we have to take a stand!!  We will take our TV back!  Hmmm, easier said than done...

Another cute Mitchellism of the moment:  He is saying man at the end of every sentence. 'I want a bottie, man', 'Move out the way, man'(if we're blocking MM on TV), 'I don't want to bath, man' - you get the idea.  I must really write down all the cute things he says and does, as now I want to tell you all and I can't remember anything (I know, I know, it's age).

Branston is studying (supposed to be) for exams.  They start on Friday, his first in the new school.  It is such a struggle to get him to take any initiative at all in studying (or anything for that matter), I wish I could just find what would motivate him to willingly put in a bit of effort without having to nag!  Oh well, the joys, and to think just as he leaves school, Mitchell will be starting!!  What did we dooooo!!!!

I would like to say a huge big thank you to those who have donated to the Victoria Roof Fund so far, we are going great guns and are almost halfway!  Yayy!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victoria's Roof fund

This is my domestic worker, Victoria, and her extended family.  Victoria has 2 children of her own and has taken on her sister's 3 children after her sister died from AIDS.  Victoria too is HIV positive and almost died a few years ago but she recovered and is now strong and healthy.  The baby you see above is Victoria's daughter, Shakira's baby, born recently.  The whole family currently lives in a shack in Khayelitsha.   The problem is that their roof is old and rusty and whenever it rains, everything gets wet.  

I would like to help Victoria get a new roof for their 'house'.  Ultimately a new house with proper walls and electricity etc would be really great but for the moment, with the rainy season on us and a new baby in the house, a new roof will be of great help to the family. 

We decided this year that instead of birthday presents we would like all our friends to donate to the new roof fund for Victoria.  Would you like to help??  It would be so awesome if we could get a new roof up before too much more rain falls.  If you are interested in donating anything at all, then please go to the top left corner of this blog, enter an amount and press the button to donate. 

At the moment it only takes EFT's and you have to register with Payfast (the SA version of Paypal) but that is quick and easy and won't take much time at all.  I am in the process of setting it up to take credit cards as well, will let you know when that is working.  I am not sure if you can make international payments, maybe once the credit card facility is activated?  If anyone overseas would like to make a donation then please feel free to try and let me know if it works.

So far I have received R1250, including cash donations, so we are well on our way!!  Hooray!!  See ticker on the left for regular updates on where we are.

Also, if there is anyone out there in the blogosphere that can help in any other way, labour, building materials etc, then please let me know.  It would be totally awesome if we could get this done at minimal cost.  Then if there is any money left over I will use it to buy them blankets and other household necessities.

Edited to add:  You should now be able to pay by credit card as well.  I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you have made a payment so that I can check and make sure that I see it on my side.  I am a bit concerned that I may not be seeing all payments.

Edited again:  It looks like all payments are going through.  So far we are well on way to our target, you are all SUPERSTARS!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well, a few easter eggs and young master Mitchell spent the day bouncing off the walls. You would never say the poor boy is sick. It's like he didn't stop talking all day! But it was really cute watching him hunting for eggs. After Branston helped him with the first one, he very quickly got into it. And this child is really persistent. I want more eggs mommy, I want more eggs mommy, I want more eggs mommy. When he wants something he does not give up! Shame he has croup and has been coughing himself silly the last couple of days.

It's funny he sets his mind on something and nothing can change his mind. It is really difficult when you don't have a clue as to what he wants. The other night he woke up and wanted a bottle. Mommy dutifully fetched it and offered it to him. Then it was 'Mitchell wants ned mommy, Mitchell wants ned mommy, I want ned mommy'. For the life of me I could not figure out what ned was. Or who! The more I ask what is ned, the more he would carry on about wanting ned! Eventually it clicked, he wanted the bottle's lid!! He had been playing with it earlier in the evening and had to have it now. So I fetched it, gave it to him, he put it onto the bottle, took it off and happily drank his milk!! Holy cow!!

And trying to get ready in the morning when he decides just before you leave that he wants the potty. Now you know that when you are potty training you have to let them use the potty when they want it. But when he sits, does his wee immediately but still wants to sit there for another hour it really tests your patience. Or he does it at bedtime. I must say never has my patience been tested so much as with this child. We are in for a fun ride!!