Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick update

I have decided to rather do more quick and short updates than longer posts. At least this way I will get something onto the blog rather than wait till I have time for a better post.

Mitchell update: This young man is getting so clever! He is walking beautifully now and only crawls now and then if he gets a fright and needs to move extra fast! His understanding of what you say is really progressing though the talking not so much. Yesterday in the bath I asked him to sit flat and let me wash his feet, so he sits and lifts his foot out of the water! Then the other one. Last night we (myself and Gathry) were lying watching TV and Mitchell was wondering around. Gathry had the remote and fell asleep so I asked Mitchell to get the remote from Daddy nad he did! He went straight to him, took the remote and brought it to me!

Branston update: Branston is doing really well in learning to play the guitar. He has mastered a few simple tunes and is not bored with doing chords yet. I really hope he can maintain his interest and keeps playing for longer than a year(which is his normal attention span on a new hobby/sport). I think he will, though, he is really keen.