Monday, June 25, 2012

Roof fund still short

Wowie!  I asked Victoria to get a quote on the materials required for the roof and the total came to R4165.  A bit more than I was expecting!  We have raised R3400 so far but still need to cover the labour and transport in addition to the above so that will be at least another R1500.  Keep those donations coming!!  Remember, however cold you are feeling at the moment, they are feeling 10x colder.

See here for original post and here for an update.

PS: Anybody got any contacts in the building industry that could help out here?  Would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victoria's Roof Fund

Victoria's roof fund is going great guns.   I asked Victoria if she could take some photos of the roof as it is now, expecting maybe a few pictures with the cellphone.  Instead she got a local photographer to come and take 4 pictures for R15.  He even printed them out with a pretty frame around them!  He only actually took 1 of the roof itself from the inside, which is the last picture you see above.    As you can see it is not in a very good state. 

The good news is that so far all you amazing people have helped me to raise R3 350 towards a new roof for the family.  We are very close to covering all the costs although a little more would help.  I sent out an email last week where I gave Friday (22/6) as the deadline for anyone else still wanting to contribute.  I am going to extend this until Monday as not much is likely to happen over the weekend. 

So if anyone else still wants to contribute please go to the top left of this blog, enter an amount and press Pay now.  As mentioned you will have to register on Payfast in order to pay.  If this is a problem just let me know and we can make another plan.