Friday, December 2, 2011

Wow, time does fly!!

Look at me, saying I'm going to post more regularly and then nothing! Zip! Nada!!

Oi, maybe one day I'll get my a into g and blog regularly. I am quite busy at the moment with commitments to Kidz shoebox project (finished now) and Santa for Seniors (finished tomorrow) plus I need to get gifts for all and sundry. Then Tiny Toes organises a Secret Santa and of course I can't resist!! I have a very good idea of what I want to get my secret santa but just need to find some time to get it and then send it. I have to do it this weekend so that she gets it before Christmas! Besides delivering for Santa for Seniors tomorrow, we have 2 weekends to get ourselves organised for our camping trip! We are going up to Magaliesberg to visit my boet and his family and are going to camp along the way, else it is way too far to drive with a toddler. Anyone know any good camping spots between Cape Town and Jhb or nice 4x4 trails?

On the kids front, Branston has finished school for the year and forever at CBC. He is starting a new school next year and I can't wait. I really hope they live up to our expectations! We were very disappointed with CBC and we were not the only ones. The spider bite which Branston got in September still has not healed properly, the doc thinks we should cut it open again but we are not too keen to go that route right before we go away for the holidays! He says it could be infected but it might just be hectic scar tissue so I think I would rather not put him under the knife again based on uncertainty.

Mitchell is being really cute at the moment, he is like a little parrot, repeating everything he hears. We have to be really careful what we say around him or are likely to find it repeated endlessly and very loudly. But the temper! Lordy me! Takes after his father! And very stubborn. If he doesn't want to eat or sleep (which he generally doesn't) then you can stand on your head but he will not do it! Even now that he is not napping during the day it can still be a battle to get him to sleep at night. But just one kiss and hug and a look into those baby blues and all is forgiven! More to follow(hopefully soon!) on him getting his own room - yes, skande, he is still in our room!