Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well, a few easter eggs and young master Mitchell spent the day bouncing off the walls. You would never say the poor boy is sick. It's like he didn't stop talking all day! But it was really cute watching him hunting for eggs. After Branston helped him with the first one, he very quickly got into it. And this child is really persistent. I want more eggs mommy, I want more eggs mommy, I want more eggs mommy. When he wants something he does not give up! Shame he has croup and has been coughing himself silly the last couple of days.

It's funny he sets his mind on something and nothing can change his mind. It is really difficult when you don't have a clue as to what he wants. The other night he woke up and wanted a bottle. Mommy dutifully fetched it and offered it to him. Then it was 'Mitchell wants ned mommy, Mitchell wants ned mommy, I want ned mommy'. For the life of me I could not figure out what ned was. Or who! The more I ask what is ned, the more he would carry on about wanting ned! Eventually it clicked, he wanted the bottle's lid!! He had been playing with it earlier in the evening and had to have it now. So I fetched it, gave it to him, he put it onto the bottle, took it off and happily drank his milk!! Holy cow!!

And trying to get ready in the morning when he decides just before you leave that he wants the potty. Now you know that when you are potty training you have to let them use the potty when they want it. But when he sits, does his wee immediately but still wants to sit there for another hour it really tests your patience. Or he does it at bedtime. I must say never has my patience been tested so much as with this child. We are in for a fun ride!!