Monday, May 21, 2012

Mishka, Mooshka.....

I think we have the theme for Mitchell's birthday party this year.  He is totally Mickey Mouse verskrik(nuts about it for non-SA folk).  From the minute he opens his eyes till he closes them again all he wants is to watch Mickey Mouse on Disney Junior.  His Oupa is visiting us for a while and he fetches him from school so as soon as they get home MM (funny, same as his initials!) has to get put on.  Well, if he wants any peace he will put it on, this child is determined!  I know we are guilty of letting him get his own way far too much and he is watching faaaar too much TV but this child is really persistent and sometimes if we want to get anything done around the house ie start supper, Branston's homework etc then MM it has to be!!  Lucky we have PVR so we can record a few episodes just in case it is not on at the right time.  But no, this week we have to take a stand!!  We will take our TV back!  Hmmm, easier said than done...

Another cute Mitchellism of the moment:  He is saying man at the end of every sentence. 'I want a bottie, man', 'Move out the way, man'(if we're blocking MM on TV), 'I don't want to bath, man' - you get the idea.  I must really write down all the cute things he says and does, as now I want to tell you all and I can't remember anything (I know, I know, it's age).

Branston is studying (supposed to be) for exams.  They start on Friday, his first in the new school.  It is such a struggle to get him to take any initiative at all in studying (or anything for that matter), I wish I could just find what would motivate him to willingly put in a bit of effort without having to nag!  Oh well, the joys, and to think just as he leaves school, Mitchell will be starting!!  What did we dooooo!!!!

I would like to say a huge big thank you to those who have donated to the Victoria Roof Fund so far, we are going great guns and are almost halfway!  Yayy!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victoria's Roof fund

This is my domestic worker, Victoria, and her extended family.  Victoria has 2 children of her own and has taken on her sister's 3 children after her sister died from AIDS.  Victoria too is HIV positive and almost died a few years ago but she recovered and is now strong and healthy.  The baby you see above is Victoria's daughter, Shakira's baby, born recently.  The whole family currently lives in a shack in Khayelitsha.   The problem is that their roof is old and rusty and whenever it rains, everything gets wet.  

I would like to help Victoria get a new roof for their 'house'.  Ultimately a new house with proper walls and electricity etc would be really great but for the moment, with the rainy season on us and a new baby in the house, a new roof will be of great help to the family. 

We decided this year that instead of birthday presents we would like all our friends to donate to the new roof fund for Victoria.  Would you like to help??  It would be so awesome if we could get a new roof up before too much more rain falls.  If you are interested in donating anything at all, then please go to the top left corner of this blog, enter an amount and press the button to donate. 

At the moment it only takes EFT's and you have to register with Payfast (the SA version of Paypal) but that is quick and easy and won't take much time at all.  I am in the process of setting it up to take credit cards as well, will let you know when that is working.  I am not sure if you can make international payments, maybe once the credit card facility is activated?  If anyone overseas would like to make a donation then please feel free to try and let me know if it works.

So far I have received R1250, including cash donations, so we are well on our way!!  Hooray!!  See ticker on the left for regular updates on where we are.

Also, if there is anyone out there in the blogosphere that can help in any other way, labour, building materials etc, then please let me know.  It would be totally awesome if we could get this done at minimal cost.  Then if there is any money left over I will use it to buy them blankets and other household necessities.

Edited to add:  You should now be able to pay by credit card as well.  I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you have made a payment so that I can check and make sure that I see it on my side.  I am a bit concerned that I may not be seeing all payments.

Edited again:  It looks like all payments are going through.  So far we are well on way to our target, you are all SUPERSTARS!!!