Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secret Santa

Well, I think I'll give Secret Santa a skip next time, waaayyy too stressful!!  Many thanks to Stiletto Mum for all her hard work and planning but I am sure she found it stressful as well as you can't control the fact that some people did not send gifts and then of course, there is the postal service to deal with!

I had to send to someone who has emigrated and was back in SA on holiday so I needed to get the gift to her while she was here.  So I dutifully read her blog and decided to give her a bracelet with some meaningful links from Link for Link.  So I got the bracelet and some other odds and ends which she had asked for and popped down to Postnet and the lady there basically ripped open the package to check it and sellotaped it shut again.  I was given the wrong tracking number so when I checked after Christmas if she had received the gift, she said no and it took a while to finally track it down.  I eventually got the right number and she went and fetched it from the post office.  She did not sound terribly enthusiastic when I asked if she had the gift so I asked if she got the bracelet and the answer was no.

So if your secret santa gift was some elastic bands and a shower cap you would also not be very excited!!  They (somewhere between Cape Town and Jhb) opened the gift, removed the bracelet and biltong and closed it up again!!!  Miserable F^&(%^&*(tards!!   I hope their underwear is infested by lice!!  And now the lady in question has gone back overseas and there was not time to get a new bracelet and get it to her.  Well, I already ordered the bracelet and will keep it till she comes back to SA whenever that may be.

Oh and I never received my Secret Santa gift either, apparently it was sent back by the post office for some reason.  Oh well, such is life I suppose.

In other news, I went for my mammogram the other day and all is clear.  Yippee!

Kids are back at school, Mitchell seems to be getting used to going again.  He is not screaming every time he is dropped off now.  Phew!  Branston is slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Can you believe his school shoes are a size 11!!!!  ELEVEN!!!! Gathry wants to know who the father is.  This child is towering above me now and is very soon going to be taller than his dad too. Oy!