Friday, January 21, 2011


Well now, look how dreadful I have been about updating the blog. I tend to put all my family updates on Facebook these days as at least there one gets more feedback plus it is easier to put up photos. But of course one cannot write lovely long essays there either. So I need to make a point of updating more often this year - new years resolution number 999!!

So just a quick one for now. I have entered Mitchell in this baby competition where I know he would stand a good chance of winning if it was up to an independent panel of judges but life is never so easy! It relies on votes to get into the top 10 and, knowing how some mommies are able to rally votes, I am pretty sure we don't stand a chance. But anyway I am trying. I should have posted this here long ago as there is only 10 days left of the competition. Anyway this is what you do:

Go HERE and vote for Mitchell. It won't tell you that you have voted but it does take your vote into account. You can only vote once a day but you can vote every day until the end of January. And if you have more than 1 PC/laptop/phone to vote from then you can use each of them.

Please please please PLEASE vote everyday till end Jan. We would SO love to win the competition!! Branston would especially love us to win as the prize includes a trip to Sun City for the family!

In other news, Mitchell is walking beautifully now but is not so big on talking. I will put some pics up next time.