Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping etc.

We went 'camping' the other weekend. It was really great. Wonderful company, good food, beautiful days, pity the nights were so cold esp the first night we got there!

By camping I don't mean staying in tents, we were in an old farmhouse. The kids had a ball and Mitchell and Peyton 'bonded'. Well, he is actually trying to get away from her in the pic above! 'Help, mommy, save me!!'

In other news, I figured Mitchell did not stand a chance in the competition we entered him in as there are so many gorgeous babies, but then he got into the top 30 and my competitive spirit was awakened! Now they have done the latest top 30 and then top 10 and he did not make it but I think he was close. So now I have decided to go all out and try and get him into the top 10 and have been pestering friends, colleagues and family to vote.

So let me pester you too, internet friends. You only have until the 20th May to vote so it is not long. Here is how to vote:
1. Go to the Face of Baby Room page on Facebook and click on LIKE. Obviously you can only do this one if you are on Facebook. Then go to Mitchell's photo and leave a comment just saying VOTE.
2. You can also send an email to with just Mitchell Meiring in the subject line (nothing else or it doesn't count)
3. You can also go to Yolanda Meyer's site and click on Vote for me under Mitchell's photo.

Poor little bear was sick this weekend with a touch of gastro. He is the only baby I know who is easier when he is sick! Not so 'woelig'. Seems to be a bit better now.

Branston is studying hard for exams this week and next week. With a lot of help from his mom, I might add! Never thought I'd be going back to school again! Stress!!!