Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is FREEZING cold in Cape Town right now.  Young mister Mitchell is sick at home and now Branston has a tummy bug too.  They are enjoying sitting and watching TV all day while I sit here and try and get some work done.  Lucky I can log in to work from home (or maybe not so lucky!). 

A looooot of rain is predicted for this weekend which is not good news for Victoria and her family.  We are getting closer now with the roof fund.  I think I will get her to organise the builder for the first sunny day we get next week, though it may mean time off work for her.   If we are still short by then I will make up the difference myself.  We are now at R3800.  I may be able to get the materials for slightly less money and then it is just the labour to cover.  I have had such a great response, I have such awesome friends!!!

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