Monday, December 7, 2009

Well then...

Looks like I am no better at updating this blog than the last one. Since going back to work, every second on the computer is devoted to work as I don't have that much time to spare and I have been hectically busy. I have not even read a book in the last month and if you know how much reading I was doing before you know that is hectic.

We decided to get an au pair to look after young master Mitchell initially as when I was ready to go back to work he was not ready to go onto the bottle so we started off with me working from home and stopping to feed him, then going back to work. I found an au pair who is not too expensive to work from 8:30 to 4. Unfortunately she is leaving me now as she has just discovered that she is pregnant and has to organise a quick wedding so she is going home to her mom to organise it. So in a week I will be stuck again! We are now pondering whether to stick with an au pair or try and find a day mother. Mitchell is doing fine on the bottle now so should be ok away from home. But then there will be no-one at home for Branston in the afternoons. And he has been doing really well coming home in the afternoon instead of going to aftercare. Well, we will make a plan.

Anyway, so how is Mitchell doing, you ask? He is getting nice and fat with these little fat bracelets round his wrists and ankles. Four months old now and a very solid baby. Last weight measurement was about a month ago and he weighed 7.1kg then (15.6 pounds) so I reckon he is over 8 kg now. He is quite a happy baby, does not cry a lot. He likes to be held a lot and to have people talking to him. He is developing quite the little personality now and shouts rather than cries when he is hungry or angry. He is totally adorable and I love him to bits. I have photos on the other pc so I will try and put some up for all to see as soon as I can.

It is quite amazing how much like Kendra he looks now. He is at pretty much the same stages of development she was at when she died. One can see now how far behind she really was. Pretty soon he will be overtaking her. It is also so nice to have a baby whose face lights up when he sees you. That is one thing that Kendra never really did. She would laugh at anyone who made faces at her but I never really felt that recognition for her mother that should have been there and with Mitchell I definitely feel it. We took him out to visit her at the memorial park yesterday but it was a bit of a rushed visit as it was so hot (32 degrees!). The way Mitchell shouts also reminds me a lot of Kendra. He makes me think of Branston too when he was a baby. A bit of a combination of both of them. Except for the blue eyes, those are his daddys. It does not look like they are going to change now, I think they are supposed to be settled at about 4 months.

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  1. Your 'little' Mitchell is such a gorgeous baby with such a happy personality. I just love him to bits!
    Any luck on finding a new au pair/day mother?
    Think of you often.
    Love, Clarissa