Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

How do you like the new Santa? Cute, hey??

We travelled up to East London to spend Christmas with my folks. We decided to surprise them and not let them know we were coming. Luckily I knew my mom was babysitting so we could be pretty sure they were at home. They were very happily surprised.

Young master Mitchell has been progressing in leaps and bounds (and kilograms too!). He realised he could roll over while we were here and now changing his bum is rather difficult especially a poo bum! He has charmed everyone with his ready smile, especially his grandparents. Granny has very sore arms now after babysitting little Isabella, who is a bit colicky and cries a lot, and then lugging around this fat lump too.

We also met Mitchell and Branston's new cousin, Caston, in PE. He is also very cute.

I hope everyone had a super Christmas and will have a great new year too.

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