Monday, August 24, 2009

Colic etc...

Well, today was our last (hopefully) session at the chiropractor for Mitchell's colic. It does seem to have helped a bit though he still has his moments. It has been nice to have him awake and not too miserable, though I find myself a bit lost, not really knowing what to do with him when he is awake. I can put him down and do things, like make myself a cup of tea or make supper (not that I consider that an advantage - it is quite nice having Gathry do most of the cooking while I am busy with baby!). On that note, I am extremely blessed I think to have a husband who willingly does the cooking and helps out with baby wherever he can. Not all husbands do that.

I have been to the local clinic's mother's support group meetings twice now. It is nice to meet other moms, though it makes me realise how much easier it is the third time around and how much less anxious one is. Most of the moms there are first timers and sometimes come up with the oddest things. We had a talk by an audiologist and the one mom thought grommets was a condition the baby gets eg my baby has a cold/grommets...

Mitchell has gained 450g since the last visit to the clinic and now weighs over 4kg. He has also grown in length by 5cm since birth! So he is a growing boy and my sweet, tiny little newborn is fast disappearing and being replaced by a chubby baby! Obviously my milk is doing it's job, no matter how painful the process is. Apparently I have a bit of thrush which is making feeding him rather painful. If not for that I would be totally enjoying the breastfeeding process. As it is, at least once a day I am tempted to give up. Oh, well, the joys of starting over!


  1. Hi VM,

    Nice to hear that all is going well with the Meiring clan, albeit with a few hiccups :)

    Cheers from the E-J clan :)

  2. Hello Vannessa, I have not visited here for a long time and pretty much missed all of your pregnancy and Mitchell's birth! I'm very happy for you and glad he is doing well. Rosepetal