Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can I do it?

I seem to be up for a lot of challenges lately!  I am taking part in the Sleekgeek Winter Warriors challenge (8 weeks - more about that later) and also some workout challenges (30 days) and now I'm thinking of doing a blogging challenge!!  Stiletto Mum is doing this 30 day photo challenge and I thought I'd tag along in the hopes that it'll prompt me to update my blog more often.   Here is what you have to put photos up of each day:

You will probably find a lot of the photos will be of my kids as I can generally fit them into most of the categories somehow but I will endeavour to be more original!

Except I have just realised how late it is and I didn't move my car so I have to rush as I would rather not be walking the streets of Cape Town in the dark. 

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