Friday, October 21, 2011

Stitches and more...

Well, so much for a post every day!! But I went to the bloggers meet-up and it was great to meet in person some of the bloggers whose blogs I read regularly, and to find some new ones to read. I still need to go through the list of bloggers that were there and check out some of their blogs. See here and here for some pics etc

So, my kids have really been in the wars lately. First Branston gets bitten by a spider and has to go into theatre to have the resulting abscess drained, then Mitchell trips up the stairs and has to have stitches in his bottom lip!!! And we all know what 'fond' memories I have of hospitals...

The pics are of the spider-bite before and after draining. Yuk!! Plus we had to cancel Gathry's kite-surfing lesson which he was supposed to do on Saturday 24 Sep but instead Branston was in the hospital being operated on. We still don't know if they'll allow him to do the kite-surfing lesson since the voucher was only valid till end September! But Branston was a real trooper and I think he kind of enjoyed the experience! It is just up his alley to be allowed to stay in bed and watch tv or play minecraft on the computer with nobody telling him to feed the dogs or get outside and do something active!! He did not even mind the drip. It is taking its time to heal though, he is going to have quite a scar.

Then young master Mitchell falls on Wednesday and cuts his lip open. His poor daddy was alone at home with him and had to deal with all the blood and drama till Annette (nursie) and I got there. Then we took him to the hospital where he had to be knocked out for stitches - 3 inside the mouth and 2 outside. Then I still had to wait at the hospital until he woke up again, which he took his sweet time doing. Poor kid gets home and keeps trying to spit out the stitches and was getting very upset that they stayed put! He still has a fat lip but at least is eating and drinking.

When this kind of thing happens it does tend to stress one out quite a bit but I try and step back and look at the bigger picture. I think of people with kids in hospital for so much worse. I think of the moms in my support group and what some of them have been through. Just puts it into perspective a bit. Still hard to be in the hospital with your child and feel so helpless to help them after having been through that with Kendra. My friend Tammy's little boy Connor passed away the week before Branston had to go into hospital so all those memories were fresh in my mind and he had been in the same hospital as Branston. Lucky it was not the one where Kendra died but a hospital is a hospital...

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  1. Theatre ?

    Oh no ! Now I am feeling like a crap mother.

    I drained my daughters spider bite myself !!!!!!

    She still has the scar !