Monday, May 9, 2011

Holiday update

As you can see from the pics below, we went away for about 10 days over Easter. Driving!! In my small car!! Never again - next time we fly or we go in a bigger vehicle, preferably the Toyota Hilux we hope to buy sometime soon.

However I am happy to say that we travelled over 3000km and kept the kids strapped in the entire trip. Quite an achievement with a 21month old, I must say!

We first drove up to PE, stopping in Knysna to see our old friends from Jhb, Mirjana and Valentin. Well, just Mirjana on the trip up, Valentin was gallivanting all over the countryside with friends. Why did I not take any photos, silly me!! Last time we saw their youngest 2, they were barely knee-high to a grasshopper, now one is a teenager and the other looking exactly like her oldest sister did at 9 years of age. Had a lovely lunch, Mirjana has not changed one bit, still cooks up a storm.

In PE there was the usual family drama, but we had a good time esp the kids on Easter day. The weather was amazing and the kids spent a lot of time running around and tiring themselves out totally. Mitchell fell asleep at 8pm on the way back to the folks house and slept through! Leads me to thinking I must renew my efforts to put him into a creche! He really enjoyed spending time with other kids. Gathry had a fairly quiet birthday on the 26th and unfortunately had to drive up to EL on his birthday. We were thinking of going out for his birthday but were so tired that it never happened. We took the kids with shopping the next day which was also exhausting and there is no decent baby change room at the biggest shopping mall in the Eastern Cape! Poor granny was also feeling rather miserable due to a bout of shingles but felt brave enough to look after the kids the next day so that we could go and do a bit of gambling ie throw our money away. Rather depressing watching some guy throw R10000 onto the table and gamble it away in less time than it took to count it while we put down our miserable little R100 note!!

To be continued tomorrow - running out of time....

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